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At Clock Garage we have been maintaining and repairing  Renaults for over 30 years and as such have gained massive knowledge and experience with the brand. Likewise Dacia since Renault launched its budget range sharing many Renault engines and components.

We have experienced, fully trained Renault/Dacia technicians and a fully equipped workshop with all the specialist tools, diagnostic equipment and technical information needed to fix your car. Meaning we can find your fault quicker than the local garage and in many cases this means big customer savings in unnecessary labour charges and incorrect component replacement due to guesswork. And at just £78 Inc. Vat our diagnostic charge is about the cheapest around.

So, if you develop a fault with your Renault or Dacia (warning light, misfire, noise, air con, engine, automatic gearbox, electrical or wiring, suspension or braking system fault) we have all the knowledge and equipment to find it and rectify it quickly. 

We can also carry out fault finding and diagnostic checks on most other makes also.

As a Renault/Dacia authorised repairer we can undertake any warranty work on vehicles under Renault's/Dacia's manufacturers warranty
Diagnostic and Maintenance
Prices From
Diagnostic Check
Brake Fluid Change
from £69
Coolant Change
from £89
Brake Pads
from £79
Diagnostic Check £78
  • Let the experts quickly find and rectify the fault with your car whether it's a warning light, misfire, noise, air con, engine, automatic gearbox, electrical or wiring, suspension or braking system fault.
Brake Fluid Change from £69
  • As brake fluid absorbs moisture over time reducing braking efficiency Renault recommend replacing it every 3 years or 72,000 miles and Dacia every 4 years or 72,000 miles.
Coolant Change from £89
  • Recommended every 5 years 90,000 miles for Renaults and 5 years 72,000 miles for Dacias. We fully drain the cooling system and replace the engine coolant ensuring the anti-corrosive qualities of the coolant are retained and you are fully protected against freezing temperatures.
Brake Pads from £79
  • A great price using high quality parts.
We have discounted offers and labour rates on vehicles over four years old
More maintenance
Prices From
Timing Belts
from £199
Air Conditioning Service
from £79
Air Conditioning Service HFO1234yf
Battery Replacement
from £49
Timing Belts from £199
  • This is the belt that connects the top and bottom of the engine. If a timing belt breaks it usually means an expensive engine rebuild of hundreds (or thousands) of pounds. Best to get them changed at the manufacturers recommended interval. This can also mean age as well as mileage as they can perish over time.
  • (Price to replace timing belt and accessory belt only, we recommend replacing the kits including tensioners. Please enquire for quote).
Air Conditioning Service from £79
  • This includes draining the system the refilling with the correct amount of gas. We also add the correct amount of oil. (The oil lubricates the system including the seals so they seal better).
  • We also introduce a dye so if any leak should occur in the future it will be very easy to trace and rectify. (R134a refrigerant).
Air Conditioning Service HFO1234yf £149
  • As above but for vehicles that use the new HFO1234yf refrigerant. (May apply to vehicles built from 2013)
Battery Replacement from £49
  • Genuine Renault Batteries fitted free of charge. Book in to have yours tested now.

All prices fully inclusive of VAT and include parts and labour. All work carried out comes with one years warranty.

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